In The Afternoon - MGMT
Apr 07, 2020 | ดู 566 ครั้ง

In the afternoon
Yellow curtains drawn
Designed with comfort in mind
Glowering into the night
Feel like letting go
Final resting place
The Housecat knows when it's time
To enter another phase
But you looked sad
In a reassuring way
And I don't want to leave
So we can both be the same
In the afternoon
Modern sovereignty
The sunlight stopped coming through
And we lost the game
Brains like nesting dolls
Plotting their escape
The doorman sees you're alone
He can't seem to find your name
But you, my friend
Know problems can't be solved
They don't understand
That somehow it's all the same
Relief is like candy
The sweetest kind of love
Who'd guess I'd feel this way?
Like a kid in a candy store.

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